1. Commercial relations between Avans and customers are governed by the following general conditions of sale, excluding any other agreement, unless agreed in writing.

2. Avans sells exclusively to:  Hardware and software resellers, Software related Firms, Appliance dealers, Anti-theft Systems installers. Electricians. Professional repairment Persons who, pursuant to current trade regulations  has authorization as per entry from the Chamber of Commerce, to resell IT, electronic or consumer audio video materials.

3. Responsibility: AVANS is not responsible for any damage or loss, direct and / or indirect, deriving from the sale of goods and services offered in the catalogue published on the website also for delayed and / or non-delivery of the product,  nor for the correspondence of the goods to the specifications published on the site, or for any other fact not directly attributable to AVANS.

4. Technical information:  The technical information entered on the website is obtained from the information published by the manufacturers of the goods included in our catalogue. Avans therefore reserves the right to modify the technical and dimensional information of the products in the catalogue even without notice, in base on what is communicated by the manufacturers.

5. Orders: Orders are accepted only and exclusively if sent via the website or in written by email. The customer who sends the order via the website will receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of the order and the attribution of the relevant order number. The online order will be immediately viewable and cannot be changed directly from the website, any communication regarding the order can be entered in the appropriate "Delivery notes" field on the online order form. For orders received by email, AVANS will take care of placing the order and notify the order acceptance to the customer.

6. Prices: All prices included on the site are to be understood as excluding VAT unless otherwise specified. Prices and discounts can be changed at any time, without notice. If an incorrect price is published as it is lower than the correct price by 50% or more or recognizable, for any reason (human error, system error, etc.), the order may be cancelled, even in case of initial validation and the product will not be delivered, unless the ordered decides to proceed with the order and accepts the payment of the corrected price.

7. Product availability: In the product catalogue published on, under "availability", the quantity of products in our *warehouse is updated and updated every 10 minutes from 9.00 to 18.00. Since the ability to submit orders online change the availability of the product in real time, Avans can not always guarantee a 100%  certainty of the goods allocation. Although very rare any order delay will be promptly communicated to the customer.

*If the ordered item is not yet available in our warehouse, price and quantity can sometime change (both up or down), in this case we will notify buyers so to decide weather to complete, change or cancel the order.

8. Transport and risk: The shipment takes place by means of transporters chosen by Avans or by another person on behalf of the latter is carried out by charging the costs to the customer on the invoice, unless otherwise agreed in writing. The goods travel on behalf and at the customer's risk, even in the case of a carrier chosen by Avans.
The shipment takes place throughout Italy within the indicative terms of 24, 48 or 72 hours from the date of entrustment to the courier, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties, will take place on board trucks and during office hours from Monday to Friday, on holidays . Upon delivery of the goods, the customer must check the integrity of the packages and the quantitative and qualitative correspondence with what is indicated in the Accompanying Invoice or DDT.
In the event of discrepancies, the same must be reported and confirmed within 24 hours by email . Any anomalies deriving from transport damage must be communicated in writing to the carrier and in copy to Avans within 24 hours of receiving the goods.
Any report beyond the aforementioned terms will not be taken into consideration and will not be effective. For each declaration, the customer assumes full responsibility for what has been declared.

*Shipping cost who are calculated by the system are subject to changes in price and delivery time depending the requirements (e. g. heavier packaging, Lt-ion battery courier surcharge and waiting time)

9. Payments The goods supplied must be paid by PayPal, credit card or irrevocable bank transfer, unless otherwise agreed, within 24h (to avoid order issues with other customers)

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